Šiauliai industrial park territory

  • Modern building technologies
  • Energy management system
  • Well-equipped offices and service facilities

About the project

New modern A energetic class heavyweight trucks service center in Šiauliai City. The three-storey building with administrative and household premises, canteen workers, truck service center and new spare parts warehouse premises takes 8915 sq. m. Four parking lots (containing 404 places for cars and 244 heavyweight trucks) arranged. New heavy vehicle service center easily controlled by smart systems help. Modern dispatcher lets you keep track of technical developments, timely detection of faults or systems of interference. There are special applications equipped, guaranteeing greater security management.

Technical characteristics

Territory, hectars 6,48 ha
Land plot 8 915 m²
Administrative premises 1987 m²
Parking lot 404 cars, 244 heavyweight vechicles
Administrative building Modern, three floors
Features LED lighting, heating and ventilation ductwork system, the integration of  motion sensors, the latest service and office equipment



  • Siauliai industrial park territory
  • Convienently reachable location
  • Well developed infrastructure
  • Wide parking lot

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