If you want to focus on your core business and ensure the long-term development of your business, you need storage and manufacturing facilities just off the transport arteries. This saves time and money, which would otherwise be wasted because of long distances. We have helped many market leaders fulfill their vision of accessibility, equipment standards, and ideal logistics. We can also arrange the management of your rented buildings and, as your company grows, we can prepare the next project.
Today it is natural to take care of comfortable workplaces for office employees. However, are not always thought of people who work in the logistics, industry and storage sectors. Building warehouses, “SIRIN Development” has a modern approach in this sense and therefore offers organizations a tool to be competitive employers and a successful business.

Main “SIRIN Development“ activities:

Real estate development
Company is successfully developing new projects. "SIRIN Development" has already developed  storage complexes, shopping centers and car repair workshop projects in Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. Successful projects helps us to be an attractive real estate business partner.

Real estate management
We provide a comprehensive range of services required for buildings and their engineering systems maintenance to ensure the value of the maintenance and improvement, providing full access to the client to focus on direct action and implement it effectively.
We strive for continuous improvement, cost reduction, value-adding asset management process. We have a long-term international asset management experience and a professional team. We manage more than 300 000 sq. m industrial and commercial property Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. Being independent, we can offer the best property management price / value ratio of the property owner / investor.

Real estate purchase / rent / sale
We have a long-term international real estate acquisition, leasing and sales experience.
If you are interested in letting our managed objects, land purchase or sale, please contact us:
Rasa Nazelskienė
RE project manager
Mob.+370 686 32851