Sirin Development plans stage two of warehouse development in Kaunas FEZ

Industrial real estate developer and manager Sirin Development plans a second stage of development in the Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ): a complex of three warehouses involving investments of over 33 million euros will be built at Gamybos Street 6 in the village of Ramučiai.

The warehouse complex will sit on 8.6 hectares of land, with a total of 47,000 square metres of space envisaged. The three planned A++ energy efficiency class buildings are being designed to be of similar size, each having an area of approximately 15,000 sq. m.

The buildings will meet the requirements for international certification under the BREEAM sustainability standard, ensuring they have a reduced impact on the environment and people. In building the complex, attention will be given to factors such as efficient heating systems, components that consume little water, energy-saving lighting, the use of renewable energy sources, waste separation, and ensuring it is well-suited for human work and recreation.

The site will include 4 car parks with 46 spaces for electric vehicles. A setting that is ergonomic, convenient and green is planned for the people who will work here, including facilities and spaces for eating and relaxing and landscaping with trees, bushes and herbaceous plants.

According to Sirin Development CEO Laurynas Kuzavas, the planned Kaunas FEZ facilities have been designed to minimise any impact on the current surroundings. Entrances to the site and loading and unloading areas are to be located on the sides of the buildings. And to minimise noise, the ventilation system will face in the direction of the FEZ. “In developing properties, we always try to consider the public welfare, which is why we will build an acoustic wall on the site to help safeguard local residents’ quality of life,” he says.

Kuzavas encourages potential tenants to note that the Kaunas FEZ is in a strategically attractive location and features well-developed infrastructure. Businesses located in the territory enjoy tax incentives and other advantages for their operations. Sirin Development will offer tenants modern A++ energy class warehouse and administrative space that meets the highest sustainability requirements.

As a first stage in the Kaunas FEZ, in the autumn of 2022 the company began development of a 16,000-sq.-m. warehouse at Jėgainės Street 1 in the village of Biruliškės. In total, Sirin Development will build 63,000 sq. m. of warehouses on 12 ha of land in the Kaunas FEZ, with investments of 44 million euros.

The real estate developer currently operates two 40,000-sq.-m. warehouses in the Kaunas district in which a total of 20 million euros has been invested. Sirin Development expects its investments in Class A++ warehouses in the district of Kaunas to reach 100 million euros by the end of 2026, with a total of more than 150,000 sq. m. of warehouse facilities built and in development.