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Grown from Europe’s largest road transport operator „Girteka“ we have a deep understanding of the logistics business, it is a part of our DNA. With more than 15 years of experience in constructing and managing warehouses, we can align our expertise with our customers’ needs. From land bank formatting to quality construction, and effective asset management we offer not just premises, but flexible opportunities in our modern and energy – efficient logistics parks.
Asset management
As the long-term owner of our properties, we take pride in ensuring that they are well-maintained and regularly updated. We annually elevate building standards for ensuring premise quality. Our focus on sustainability is evident in our 100% BREEAM certified portfolio, and our ISO certified services ensure continuous process improvement. From advanced operational solutions and the integration of green energy to in-house team of experts we consider every aspect to ensure the performance, value, and operational efficiency of the property.
Specializing only in warehouses’ construction and management
Deep understanding of the logistics business – the part of our DNA
Long-term ownership
Long-term ownership – a responsible attitude to property
Every year upgrading building standarts to ensure lasting quality of premise
Focus on sustainability
Focused on sustainability – 100% BREEAM certified portfolio
Service sertification
ISO certified services – continuous process improvement
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